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What is Mugu Madness?
    It is what happens when no one wants to play with me on my lunch hour and I have Skype but I don't have a mic!! I may be at work but I'm always in the mood to mess with DESE MURDER FORKERS!!! OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Here are the recordings. Enjoy!

    February 2009

  1. Your Generation Is Mad
  3. Fu(k You Again and Again
  4. Mark Vs. Recording
  5. Don't Call This line

  6. January 2009
  7. Mark and Dr. Lemon Make Contact
  8. Mark and Dr. Lemon Talk Again...

  9. 2008's Calls

  10. Ivory Coast Vs. Samuel L. Jackson
  11. Ivory Coast Vs. Samuel L. Jackson again - he's about to have a stroke
  12. General confusion in Benin. Who's on first?
  13. Anoyin as F Vs. Nigerian Lady (He emailed me as Noyin Efe)
  14. Are You Stupid?? This Nigerian woman cracks me up...
  15. (these two start to hit it off)
  16. Nigerian Gal vs. Benin
  17. I/We call back and lo! Its a LOVE connection Mugu Style

  18. August 18th and 19th 2008
  19. No clue what's being said but it sounds heated... :)
  20. Who is dis???
  21. I think someone's lonely
  22. Are you mad?

  23. August 21st 2008
  24. Mugu like you! These guys need some anger management...

  25. August 26th 2008
  26. While waiting for my class to begin, i called these two! LMAO

  27. August 27th 2008
  28. Lunchtime LMAO
  29. Bastard!
  30. And they try to sort it out...
  31. I think we've all been toking. Nigeria vs. Netherlands

  32. August 28th
  33. Charles Vs. Morgan

  34. September 1st
  35. Charles Vs. Morgan Again

  36. September 9th 2008
  37. Charles Vs. Mikey

  38. Charles And Ivory Coast Lad (Samuel L. Jackson calls) become friends

  39. Charles seems less angry

  40. Added November 2008
  41. Professor Soludo meets Tom/Michael

  42. Professor Soludo vs. Tom/Michael again

    This page is dedicated to C, mai Oga, my inspiration, the wind beneath my wings....LMFAO....AND contrary to what you say Robert can still turn me into an angst-ridden teenager and Reel Big Fish can still rock! Stop your HATING!

    Brought to you by the number 47, the letter Q and Beer....